ISQFD 2024: Sustainability, Usefulness, and Quality

16th German QFD-Symposium and 28th International Symposium on Quality Function Deployment (ISQFD’24)

7.-8. November 2024 – University of Applied Sciences Aachen (Germany)

Successful products should not only be useful and high-quality, but they should also be long lasting as well. The balancing of usefulness and quality is a typical domain of methods such as QFD. The increasing demand for sustainability creates additional challenges. Customer are rarely willing to pay for sustainability by itself and useful features are not necessarily sustainable regarding the environment, the society and the business. To which extend is a carbon footprint appropriate for the environment relevant for the users and commercial and environmental viable in the long run?  How much are customers willing to pay for performance of products in each of the different dimensions and how do they interact? They must be harmonized like in a strategic balanced scorecard (BSC).

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