ISQFD 2024: Call for Papers

Challenge: Balancing of Product and Development Management Efforts 

Successful products should not only be useful and high-quality, but they should also be long lasting as well. The balancing of usefulness and quality is a typical domain of methods such as QFD. The increasing demand for sustainability creates additional challenges. Customer are rarely willing to pay for sustainability by itself and useful features are not necessarily sustainable regarding the environment, the society and the business. To which extend is a carbon footprint appropriate for the environment relevant for the users and commercial and environmental viable in the long run?  How much are customers willing to pay for performance of products in each of the different dimensions and how do they interact? They must be harmonized like in a strategic balanced scorecard (BSC).

Scope: Approaches to balance product sustainability, usefulness and quality

Integrating customer and technology has been always a major issue in the previous 25 multifaceted German and  In­ter­national Conferences on QFD integration methods such as AHP, Kano Model, Design Thinking, Empathic Design, Lean Management, among others. This conference provides a platform for the exchange of actual concepts and achievements employing QFD and other valuable and powerful approaches and methods which may contribute or challenge the quest for a balanced product management and development.

Contributions: Cases, Workshops, Scientific Papers

Personal interaction has been acknowledged as an important success factor in the history of QFD Symposia in specific and customer-centered methodology in General. The conference is carried out in presence primarily. Personal attendance is required for presenters and full participants with access to discussions and tutorials. Some presentations will be broadcasted for guests without interaction and limited access to materials or with discussions. Contributions the the German conference are in German and for the international Conference English. This call requests three different types of contributions:

  • Practical cases providing insights into integrative approaches; cases for digital products and services are highly welcome.
  • Workshops such as seminars or webinars conveying integrative methods and techniques.
  • Research papers: to be evaluated in a double blind review for publication in the proceedings.

There will be awards for the best contributions with an honor and certificate.

Please submit your proposal as indicated below to not later than 31.8.2024:

  • Practical case – topic (context/challenge), methodological keywords, outline
  • Workshop – learning goal, duration and form, outline, outcome
  • Academic paper (double blind review) – research goal, methods and outcome, summary

Host: QFD-Institut Deutschland e.V. Conference Chair: Prof. Dr. Wolfram Pietsch